A letter to you as a child (tinkering path writing assignment).

Hello Ahmed I am yourself. I came from the future to tell you somethings that you should change it in your personality to beco

Tinkering Path: ds106 (Places Of Peace)

Here is the most places that I feel relaxed in. the first one is my garden home view from my house roof. the second one under

Theory Path: Mozilla’s Internet Health Report.

When I read the article about how healthy the internet is I was already convinced and believed in its title that a healthier i

self wellness check (ds106) Tinkering Path.

self wellness check (ds106) Tinkering Path: I am always trying to have some care for myself as I am doing for all other people

phase 4 (the first draft of the game)

In the game I decided to make every choice have have a separated consequence so I can make it exactly as the personal experien

phase 3 of the Game (the 5 situations).

( think if you are in a school ages between 12-14 and you are very fat and you were going through a very hard bullying situati

phase 2

when I asked to do a games I was very excited but a bit worry at the same time. I was thinking of many topics to talk about bu

phase one Digital narrative games

while I was playing the first two game that they called Spent and BBC Syrian Refugees I felt that there are many people who ar

Try the Implicit Association Test assignment.

As I was asked to do a test from the tests that was in the website I started to see what are the choices that I have. when I s

What I Hear When You Say 

After I watched the videos I decided to write about Race card video. I choose this one because there is a pint that was really