Algorithms: Make up for classes missed during vacations #2

Coded Bias was such an eye-opener for me, I never thought about technology from a broader and wider perspective. This film wid

Final Reflection Guidelines Part 1: Reflecting on the Course

Dear friends on my blog, The course has finally come to an end but my journey with you on this blog didn’t end yet. In this

Tools Reflection

In our course we’ve used a lot of tools, the tools included the regular ones like Blackboard, Google docs, and zoom. It also

Privacy: Make-up for Classes Missed During Vacations #1

Screening Surveillance videos  Tresdancing film  For this assignment, I chose to watch “screening surveillance videos” b

Digital Narrative Game: Impostor Syndrome

Final Reflection I have been working with my colleague Haneen on this game for weeks and finally, we are in the last phase of

Digital Literacies Theory Path: Mozilla’s Internet Health Report.

1st Racial Justice: There is something about me that is always curious to understand and know more about racism, and this arti

Digital Confidence Test Result

I have taken a lot of tests but this was my first time determining my digital confidence. I tried to be as honest as possible

Self-development- Journal

My professor gave us the chance to choose a practice that will help us in self-development. I immediately chose to journal. I

Comparison between my experience and my colleague Haneen in Soliya

I asked my colleague Haneen Khaled about her experience in the Connect Express program and through her answers I tried to comp

Reflection paper

              Soliya has been a great experience for me; it has been a remarkable experience for many personal an