Digital Narrative Game Phase 2:

I and my colleague Haneen chose Imposter Syndrome to be the topic of our game. We chose the Imposter Syndrome based on a situa

Games in relation to each other

After playing 6 games, I came to the conclusion that I am a visual person. This is a very important notice for me because I wo

“Animal rights”

Game 6 I chose to play this game because I care for animal rights and I believe everyone should do so. This game was very enjo

“Depression Quest”

Game 4 I played the game about Depression which visually was different than the other games I played. The game is created with

“Sleep-Deprived Mom Game”

Game 4 Something about this game made me choose to play it. Maybe because I have been trying to understand what mothers are go

“Know Yourself”

Game 3 I chose this game because I was planning to do my game as a self-exploration game. So, the name of the game caught my a

“BBC Syrian Refugees”

Game 2 This game has been a journey for me but unfortunately it was a hurtful journey. First, I was so excited to play the gam


Game 1 I played the game “Spent” which simply puts you in situation and ask you what you will do in this case. So, it is a


Oppression has always been a word that I am familiar with. I thought that I knew what oppression means, but this video was an

Model Minority

Have you ever wondered how it feels to be a minority? Hold on and think about it for a while. But first, let me explain the te