Soliya Reflection Paper

Farida Ahmed- Connect Program Reflection Paper (group 136): Before starting the 4 week connect program, I thought that it was

Final reflection guidelines PART 2: Tools for learning.

5 tools: Blog, Slack, Hypothe.sis, smart class, google slides. Blog: -How to write and reflect on assignments. How to post and

Final Reflection Guidelines PART 1: Reflecting on the course. Above is the link to my d

Algorithms: Make up for classes missed during vacations #2

I watched the 2 videos’ on algorithms and read the article: Engine Failure What I learned from the videos and article is tha

Privacy: Make-up for Classes Missed During Vacations #1

I explored the Do not track interactive documentary: The most significant things I learned are that I am tracked online with w

Phase 5: Final Draft Above is the link to my f

Self Development Reflection:

I have decided to go for the mix of Gratitude journal, meditation, and wheel of life. I knew about journals and meditation but

Reflection post on all digital literacies pathways:

I really enjoyed doing the digital literacies pathways. I learned so much. I enjoyed most the twisting path. I love that I did

Quick reflection on Taught Path

I chose the presentation skills and tools path: Honestly, I have watched many Ted talks on how to improve my prestation skills

Tinkering Path:

Assignment no.3: Audio Assignments: Spooky season