Tinkering Path:

Assignment no.2: Mashup Assignment: Animoji Karaoke: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ha6FKYnGezlVWBLfounWCyweIRtVI4mM/view?us

Tinkering Path:

Assignment No.1: Writing Assignments: Self-Wellness Check: What worries me most about the future? I think for me this is somet

Digital Confidence Profile

Reflection on article: To me I really thought digital skills and literacies were somehow corelated and not separate concepts.

Phase 4:

Please try out my game and give me feedback below 🙂 My game is about how to maintain long distance relationships whether wi

When I had Covid: Something that delights me:

I know this might seem simple that a cup of coffee is something that delights me. However, there is much more to the story tha

When I had Covid: Question on Identity:

My question on Identity is whether it has a relation with gender and sexuality or is it just related to the personality. For

Phase 3: Prototype your own digital narrative game

I have learnt so much and aspire to reach the objectives of this game. Here is the link of the video of phase 3: https://drive

Phase 2: Digital Narrative Games

Background research on: long-distance relationships with family and friends. As I was brainstorming ideas for what my game cou

Digital Narrative Games

First Game: Spent- https://playspent.org/ While playing this game I felt very sad and confused on what decisions to make. I wa

Implicit Association test:

The two tests I did were the National defense and Education test and the Exercise Brief Implicit Association Test: National De