Soliya Reflection Week 1

As their website describes: Soliya is an organization that aims to prepare the next generation with the ability to “Engage with difference constructively”. I found that rather poetic. The session itself is comprised of a group of ethnically different people that sit together in a video chat room. I walked into this experiment with mixed … Continue reading Soliya Reflection Week 1

Flip The Script

Once we had set to the forest as there was a fabulous place where people had been heading to for camping and spending very nice time. Especially, that this place in near a small lake where people could  swim and catch fish as well. So, we thought that it would be a great place to … Continue reading Flip The Script

My Digital Profile

My digital profile of me is quite accurate for several reasons. Although some things i would like improve but otherwise the other facts shown is correct. first section was find and use which is shown in the pie chart that i can confidently research and find basically information on using advanced tools like library one … Continue reading My Digital Profile