CLT Anniversary Event

The Future Of Higher Education In the video presented by AUC AMICAL teaching an learning innovation exchange, the presenter Dr. Siemens make presentation to the audience explaining to them the idea of the model of higher education, and the needs of the students and the institution are becoming more complex by time. That’s why the … Continue reading CLT Anniversary Event

#EngageMOOC 1

#engagemooc Topic number one Video introduction: In this topic they explained what is participatory public engagement? and they meant by this is that how society and citizenship get involved and engage in a democratic way changed due to the high flow of social media. as this course also doesn’t aim on digital citizenship only,  but … Continue reading #EngageMOOC 1


I remember I was asked when I was young what I would like to be when I’m older. I didn’t have any idea yet and thought about several stuff that would sound and look cool if I became any of them. Maybe a Pilot, police officer, or even a successful business man. I had lots … Continue reading #altcv


This picture sums up 3 important aspects or hobbies to my life. one, it has a view of our beautiful red sea in Dahab, Sinai. which gives you a kind of peace mind and thinking. two, the view of the mountains which represents adventure and traveling to explore all of our beloved mother nature and … Continue reading DS106