Final Reflection: Part 1

This is the link to my final reflection. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Part 5: Final Game Reflection

My game is about abusive friendships. Growing up, I have been very selective with my friends and the people I keep close to me


Digital Narrative Game: Phase 1: Play some digital narrative games Phase 2&3: Background research on the topic and prototy

Final Game Reflection

Final Game Reflection Working on this game was very fun; however, it was very exhausting since the game I made has completely

soliya reflection

soliya reflection Soliya was definitely a very interesting experience. I was very excited to be in the program because I like

Final Reflection

Final Reflection Dear Dr. Bali, I actually learned that I am someone who will actually really interact and add input in class

Final Reflection Part 2: Tools for Learning

Slack vs, WhatsApp & Email Slack was a very useful tool and I really liked it a lot. I found it very convenient in that I

Final Reflection Part I: Reflecting on the course

For my final reflection presentation, check the link below. I hope you enjoy it!

Tool Reflection

Tool Reflection What you have learned from the variety of tools we have been using? That having that many tools allow for more

Tools for learning

Tools for learning In the course, we have been learning to use different tools that all aim to facilitate the process and add