Final Reflection part 2

In this course, we used many tools with the doctor, and the doctor used many tools with us, for example:    Google docs: I h

Final Reflection Part 1

At the beginning, before talking about the course, I want to clarify something very important, which is that I suffered a grea

Digital Literacies Pathway Assignment

Article: Throughout Dr. Maha Bali’s article about Digital literacies and skills, I was surprised to learn about the differen


For my final reflection presentation, check the link below. I hope you enjoy it!

Final reflection part 1

Here is the link to my final reflection of the course:

Digital Narratives Pathway

Step 1: Step 2: After the completion of the digital profile activity, I learned a lot about my skills and knowledge that I had

Final Reflection Part I: on the course

Kindly view my reflection by visiting this presentation.   I hope you enjoy it and thank you.

Final Reflection Part II: Tools for Learning

1. Class Furniture So, while the installed high-end smartboards encouraged participation and as they allow us to participate i

final reflection part 1

Final reflection part 1 : —–>>>>google slides link    

Final Reflection Part 1

I made a presentation for my final reflection, I hope you enjoy it! Here’s the link: Final reflection Thank you!