game reflection

Firstly, I have to point out that the opportunity to create this game was a truly unique experience. I don’t have much to sa

Beyond Your Comfort Zone: Final Draft Digital Game

Updated version: Beyond the Comfort Zone  Game idea theory:

Digital Narrative Game – final phase with the reflection

I have never created a game using Google Forms, but it was an enjoyable experience. Furthermore, it taught me something import

Final Draft for the Game

The folder for the assignment can be found here:

Social Media and Real Life Beauty Standards (Draft be continued)

Digital narrative game part 4 – write here (read instructions then delete all this text to start writing) Write

Hendawii: Far From Milano

This is Yasser Hendawii, this game talks about traveling and how to plan for it. hope you like it!! Link for the game: https:/


You can visit and play our game via the following link:

Looking at 3 scenarios of our game: Moataz and Ibrahim

After a hot and tiresome day, you push the glass door of the bank to be welcomed by the cool air coming from the AC and the no

Our Game Topic

PART 2: Do Background Research on the Topic of Your Own Digital Narrative Game: “Beyond the Surface” – Research on Beaut